The Miro range of door and window hardware offers a unified look that carries through from exterior to interior joinery. Miro shapes are contemporary and functional, and include handles for internal timber doors.

The smooth, ergonomic Miro shapes offer a great look as well as a comfortable hand grip. Secure and convenient locking features are included with four-point hinged door locking as standard.

MIRO WEDGELESS FASTENER The Miro window fastener combines a sure hand grip with clean lines. The PVC closing wedge is matched to the handle colour.

MIRO VENTING WEDGELESS FASTENER A venting option of the wedgeless handle is also available which allows the window to be fastened in a partially open position for passive ventilation.

MIRO FASTENER Suitable for APL Architectural Series and Smartwood joinery. A separate colour matching wedge is fitted to the frame or transom.

MIRO SLIDING DOOR HANDLE The smaller ‘D’ handle (165mm long) is more in keeping with the scale of standard residential applications. A Miro surface mounted lockset is also available.

MIRO SLIDING DOOR HANDLE LARGE The large ‘D’ handle (238mm long) is ideal for big scale sliding door applications. The lock is separate from the handle and is operated by key or snib.

MIRO SURFACE MOUNT HANDLE This all in one handle and lock for sliding doors or windows retains the Miro family likeness. There is no separately installed snib or keyway.

MIRO LEVER DOOR LOCK Available in a variety of locking options, including keyed both sides or with interior snib. An upward handle movement activates four-point locking.

MIRO BI-FOLD OPERATOR This swivel lock activates locking rods in the top and bottom of the door or window panel. Key-locking is also available, mounted separately from the handle.

MIRO INTERIOR LOCKSET Miro handles for interior timber doors provide continuity – allowing a seamless transition from exterior to interior joinery. A privacy handle is available.

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