The Urbo range of door and window hardware offers clean shapes with a stylish combination of square and radiused edges. A fineness of line offers a lighter look than Miro or Icon but with no compromise on strength or performance.

URBO WEDGELESS FASTENER This fastener combines refinement and functionality. The nylon wedge is matched to the handle colour.

URBO VENTING WEDGELESS FASTENER An option with an opposing tongue for passive ventilation. Turned one way the window is closed. Turned the other way it allows for some ventilation.

URBO WINDOW FASTENER The Urbo window fastener with separately fixed wedge is suitable for APL Architectural Series. Standard residential windows must use the Urbo wedgeless fastener.

URBO SLIDING DOOR FLUSH PULL Continuing the blend of contoured and square edges, the Urbo flush pull is ideal for lighter sliding panels where a robust hand grip is not required.

URBO SLIDING DOOR HANDLE LARGE Offering a comfortable grip (325mm long) the sliding door handle has inner edges that are smoothly radiused. The lock is separately mounted.

URBO SLIDING DOOR HANDLE SMALL Offering a comfortable grip (255mm long) the sliding door handle has inner edges that are smootly radiused.

URBO LEVER DOOR LOCK A compact design with fine lines and a chunky escutcheon. The ideal finishing touch for hinged doors. Snib or key operation is available for secure four-point locking.

URBO BI-FOLD OPERATOR A sleek swivel lock that activates locking rods in the top and bottom of the door or window panel. Optional key-locking (separately installed) is available.

URBO INTERIOR LOCKSET Urbo handles for interior timber doors allow continuity from exterior joinery to interior joinery. A privacy handle is available with a push button to provide easy locking.

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